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As part of the AAPO Group, our focus is to provide logistic, warehousing and transport services, as well as assisting in customs compliance through the pre-inspection of merchandise. At Baja Freight Forwarders receiving and importing merchandise from US suppliers and all parts of the world is part of our daily activity. With more than 20 years of experience, we safeguard your supply chain against interruptions and additional costs.


  • Full integration with AAPO customs brokerage.

  • Reception and shipment coordination of goods from US and worldwide supplier.

  • Shipper's Export declaration filling.

  • Inventories shipment.

  • Merchandise pre-inspections for customs purposes.

  • Dedicated warehouring and storage.

  • In-bond shipment coordination.

  • HTS classification.

  • Transportation services.

  • 3PL.

  • HOT shipments.

  • Customizable software integration.

  • Merchandise consolidation.

  • Merchandise cross docking.

  • Full WMS Christhophorus:

    • Customizable reports.

    • KPIs.

    • Daily inventories.

    • Movement history.

    • Inventory management.

  • JIT logistics.

  • Merchandise distribution services.

  • C-TPAT compliant facilities.

  • Labeling/price ticketing.

  • Packaging and re-packaging.

  • Pick/pack/kit assembly.

Additional services
  • Logistic outsourcing.

  • Online orders fulfillment.

  • Truck Yard for container parking.

  • Bonded Warehouse.

  • Door to door service.

Time efficiency
Lower prices
Better planning


At Baja Freight Forwarders we take security very seriously: All our employees are trained according to the guidelines issued by US CBP (United States Customs and Border Protection). Our commitment is to ensure the safety of the cargo we store as well as the people who work with us.

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ctpat_logo 2018-01.png

Our safety plan is the basis for improving our program through compliance with the C-TPAT criteria:

  • Selection of reliable partners

  • Written safety procedures

  • Physical access controls

  • Security of our staff:

    • Background check.

    • Verification of references.

  • Physical safety:

    • Fenced and protected perimeter.

    • Controlled parking.

    • Safe construction.

    • Access controls and keys.

    • Adequate lighting.

    • Alarm system.

    • Badge and vest policy.

    • Safety training and risk assessment.

    • Online security.

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